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The following survey question will help us individualize the education you receive and better promote a learning culture of diversity inclusion. Doing so will enable us to access information about how to engage and motivate our students based on their individual preferences. Submitting your answer will also enroll you in our school's HSCI Network. Thank you for your participation.

Identify which description resembles you most, and then enter the result below.






General Behavior: Outgoing and task-oriented Outgoing and people-oriented Reserved and people-oriented Reserved and task-oriented
Words that describe me: Dominant; Direct; Demanding;Decisive; Determined; Doer Inspiring; Influencing;Impressionable; Interactive;Impressive; Involved Supportive; Stable; Steady; Sweet; Status-quo; Shy Cautious; Calculating;Competent; Conscientious;Contemplative; Careful
I like to do things: The fast way; I am always looking for a task to go do; I was born ready; and I like to face everything head on. The fun way; I am pretty easy to spot; The party begins when I show up; and I make life fun and exciting. The traditional way; I like things to be calm, relaxed, and peaceful; I try to be super nice; and please others. The proper way; I like to approach tasks carefully; I move through life one calculated step at a time; I have lots of detailed questions and I need to think things through.
I process things by asking: What? Who? How? Why?
Personal Strengths: Firm Fun Friendly Factual
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